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  • 1st of May: Worldwide Traditions and bonus editorial; What to wear !

1st of May: Worldwide Traditions and bonus editorial; What to wear !

1st of May: Worldwide Traditions and bonus editorial; What to wear !


    During the antiquity, May Day celebration was about the final victory of the summer against the winter, so during the pre-Christian period many worship ceremonies were held for the fertility of the fields, animals and humans. This feast had various forms and changes throughout the centuries, with predominantly the Anthestiria, the first official celebration of flowers in the then Greek region.

    The Wreath

    The most well-known May Day is the May Day of Farmers, during which they made a wreath of flowers, greenery, fruit, garlic for the ravages and thorns for the enemies.

    The silent water

    In many Aegean islands, the girls rose in the morning, picked flowers and went to the wells to carry the "silent water". It was named in that way because they carried it without talking. Then they brought it home and all the familly members washed with it.

    The Wood of May

    In the villages of Corfu, the inhabitants traveled around a trunk of cypress, covered with yellow daisies and wrapped in a wreath with green branches. With the wood of May on their hands, the young farmers dressed in white and with red scarves on their throats roamed on the streets and sang songs for May.

    The Jump of Fire

    On the eve of May, after the sunset, young and old women gathered, blazing with dry branches and dancing around the fire, singing traditional songs for May Day.

    However, May Day is not exclusively a Greek tradition. In over 80 countries, it has been declared as a national holiday, and in many others it is officially celebrated.

    Fun Fact

    • The first May-May gathering in Greece took place in 1892
    • In Sweden, farmers gather green branches, which decorate their homes and sing traditional songs to praise for euphoria and happiness.
    • In some villages of Germany, they place a branch of Maibaum on the central square and dance around it. Then they elect the "Queen of May" and dress her in white.
    • In Maldives, May Day was celebrated for the first time in 2011!
    • In Hawaii, the corresponding Day Day is called "Lei Day" and the locals are preparing a festival in honor of their local culture.

    So now that we learn about the customs  ... lets dress up because May Day is close !!!

    First of May, it is a good opportunity for a small flash trip and a good excuse to start getting into a summer mood! Dont hesitate to wear your favorite shorts without fear! Is that time of the year!!!