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  • 4 φανταστικοί Χριστουγεννιάτικοι προορισμοί για ζευγάρια!

4 fantastic Christmas destinations for couples!

4 φανταστικοί Χριστουγεννιάτικοι προορισμοί για ζευγάρια!

  • What could be more romantic than a trip with your loved one at Christmas?

    Weve picked 4 of the most wonderful destinations in Greece and abroad to choose from!

    Paris, France

    A trip to the City of Light is a truly amazing experience, as its streets and buildings are illuminated by thousands of lights. Walks and ice skating under the Eiffel Tower, it’s pure magic.

    For a trip to Paris, you need to have something very romantic in your luggage:

    Nuremberg, Germany

    Nuremberg is absolutely magical, with Christmas markets full of people and hot wine! The city itself has a very romantic feel with many beautiful hotels to relax after exploring the city all day.

    To end your day properly in icy Nuremberg, you need something that will make the place feel hotter than hot:

    Nymphaio, Greece

    A village immersed in snow and stone, Nymphaio is ideal for those looking for nature walks, stone hostels, delicious local delicacies and hopefully some snow.

    To break a bit of the traditional atmosphere, take something more extreme with you:

    Volos, Pelion, Greece

    If you’re planning to visit the beautiful Pelion, in the city of Volos every year on December 26th, residents gather along the coastline and throw paper lanterns into the sky.

    This is a sweet way to spend your Christmas together, as long as you put in your luggage something like this: