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  • 5 Κοινά Λάθη στο Καθημερινό Μακιγιάζ που μας προσθέτουν χρόνια!

5 Common Makeup Mistakes that Make Us Look Older!

5 Κοινά Λάθη στο Καθημερινό Μακιγιάζ που μας προσθέτουν χρόνια!

  • As we grow older, our skin changes, but above all, we change. Our makeup routine must be tailored to our skins needs to keep it alive and youthful.

    Here are 5 common makeup mistakes that can make us look older than we are and the easy fixes that will make us look years younger.

    1.Never miss the foundation

    When you find the right one, your skin tone can erase discoloration and give you a youthful glow.

    Finding the right foundation for your unique type of skin will be a trial and error process and is well worth it. When trying out a new foundation in a store, wear it for a few hours and check it out in the daylight to see how it fits with your skin.

    A powder base is ideal for oily skin. For dry skin, a moist base or a color moisturizer with a slightly moist sponge is a must.

    2.Pick the right blush for you

    Only the right color can help enhance your natural radiance and cheekbones, but when blush is not harmonious with lip color or skin tone, it may look wrong.

    Pink and peach work well in mid-skin tones while coral, orange and bronze complement the darker complexions.


    3.The lip line should be thin

    The lip liner sets the lips lines and keep the lipstick firm. We always follow the natural shaping of our mouth.

    We start with a pencil around the lips that matches the color of the lipstick. Then we put the lipstick and use the pencil to make a nice blending.


    4.Never do a black pencil at the bottom of the lid

    You adopted it until high school, but its time to leave it behind. The pencil just at the bottom of the lid makes our eyes look smaller and makes us look tired.

    For bright eyes that attract attention, use a soft pencil on both the upper and lower lids. Apply it close to the lash lines, then gently pad to soften it.

    5.Bronze and earth shades and not colored ones

    When it comes to shadows, all bold color should go to the lips. Bright colors - though fun - can take us a few decades back.

    Neutral shades, such as brown, gold or purple, are not only more flattering, they help color our eyes.


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