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  • 5 tips για να κάνεις το τέλειο μαύρισμα!

5 tips to make the perfect tanning!

5 tips για να κάνεις το τέλειο μαύρισμα!

  • We all want to achieve the bronze, natural and glam tan during our holiday.

    However, the tanning is not just to lie down on your beach towel until you have it. You need to know how to protect yourself.

    For the perfect tan follow the steps.

    Off to the beach!

    Don’t forget the SPF oil

    Many people think in a tanning process, any sunscreen should not take part in the beach bag. This idea can completely destroy a sensitive skin. After swimming, apply sunscreen or SPF oil in all your body.

    The duration is important

    The tanning hours should not exceed 1 or 2 hours per day depending on the type of skin. In any case, the melanin production of each body varies, so it does not matter if take hours facing the sun.

    Under your hands

    The bikini marks left on your skin by tanning are not that bad at all. However, what about the bottom of your hands? When you get tanning at the front side, put your hands up so they can be able to get a good colour too.

    Quick shower after tanning

    To keep your tan for as much time as possible, take a quick shower only to rinse the sunscreen. Do not do this with soap as it will remove the colour and make the skin dry.

    Always a moisturizing cream after bathing

    Use your moisturizer as a daily routine. Apply throughout the body day and night to keep your tanned skin alive and shiny. There are also some types of foods that are known to increase lycopene, skin SPF, such as fruits and vegetables in red colours. Apply your moisturizer, follow a healthy diet and drink plenty of water!