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  • 7 sexy tips για να κάνετε την πρώτη νύχτα του γάμου αξέχαστη!

7 sexy tips to make your first wedding night unforgettable!

7 sexy tips για να κάνετε την πρώτη νύχτα του γάμου αξέχαστη!

  • Flirt during the wedding

    While you may be busy with guests, steal kisses and glances during the night - it can intrigue you about what follows!

    Just go for some good alcohol

    Red wine is great for boosting your mood, but you can go a step further this time with alcohol! Surely this dazzle will be worth it!

    Relax and enjoy

    There is always the expectation of having a fantastic wedding night, but high expectations can lead to serious disappointment. Both of you will be tired of so much socializing and stress of the day, so dont fall for sex immediately. Talk about the amazing day you had and how nice you feel about getting married.

    If you are both exhausted, there is always the next morning. You will be more relaxed and refreshed!

    Book a suite

    After all these things, there is the excitement that comes in an unfamiliar space. You can arrange the hotel to fill your room with scented candles, or even a bouquet of flowers. Lets not forget a romantic playlist.

    Eat aphrodisiac dishes

    Its cliche, but some foods could really affect your sexuality. Wine and chocolate, for example, contain phenylethylamine. It is a stimulant that generates excitement and a sense of well-being. Oysters contain zinc, which increases testosterone production, as well as the increased brain chemical, dopamine.

    Or try honey. This "liquid gold" has boron, a trace element that helps regulate hormone levels as well as nitric oxide. This helps to increase blood flow.

    And well... there may be a lot you can do with honey ...!

    Try something new

    Especially if you want to try new things, think of something a little more adventurous (like sex in the shower) or just change your casual sex style.

    Wear the sexiest underwear

    And preferably something that neither of you have seen before. The key is to wear something that feels great on you so you dont have to put on a completely "wild" set, which will make you feel uncomfortable.

    Here are some ideas to find the one that suits you best for the most romantic night: