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  • 7 τρόποι για να κάνεις καλοκαιρινό sex όταν η ζέστη χτυπάει κόκκινο!

7 Ways to Have Summer Sex When its Super-Hot Outside!

7 τρόποι για να κάνεις καλοκαιρινό sex όταν η ζέστη χτυπάει κόκκινο!

  • Summer sex when temperatures go up can actually become not fun!

    How will you reduce the heat and increase your appetite for good sex?

    Doggy style

    The last thing you need is a second sweaty body on you. The position of the "dog" minimizes the contact with the body. Try on the kitchen counter or on the table (a cooler surface).

    Only hands

    Only with your fingers and palms try to get into orgasm with each other.

    Hotel room

    Holiday sex is one of the best ever, since you are away from home and in a new environment, which is always fascinating.

    Cool terrace

    A terrace or even a hammock will do its job. A summer breeze can cool you, while your partner has the whole "situation" under control.

    Sex games in the water

    Sexual contact in a bathtub is something that interests you. Try better oral sex in a pool or shower to avoid unwanted bacteria.

    Ice cubes

    Ice cubes can be very fun - and very erotic - as you move them on your partners back or chest. It gives a hint for what follows next.

    Stainless steel toys

    Vibrators and other sex toys made of stainless steel give the cool feel of the material you need on a warm night.

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