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  • The 9 hottest movies for private screenings at home!

The 9 hottest movies for private screenings at home!

The 9 hottest movies for private screenings at home!

  • There are days when you just want to relax at home with your loved one, watching a good movie. There is nothing better than a sexy movie that can create a completely different mood! Well, we have made our selection and the following 9 all-time classic sexy movies for couples are here!

    To create the right mood, before you even press play, we have some hot lingerie ideas that will definitely make you the protagonist of the night!

    1. Last Tango In Paris (1972)

    Director: Bernardo Bertolucci

    The Last Tango in Paris is a 1972 French-Italian erotic-drama film focusing on a widowed American who travels to Paris and has an affair with a young Parisian.

    To bring a little Parisian air at home, we suggest a wonderful corset in black and burgundy combinations with a black boxer!


    2. Basic Instinct (1992)

    Director: Paul Verhoeven

    Basic Instinct is a 1992 American-British-French erotic thriller starring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone. The bold scenes of the film made the actress a sex symbol worldwide.

    Who can forget the scene with those incredible legs in the famous chair? If you want to try something similar, we suggest super sexy black and red bralette set withg-string that has opening in the crotch.!

    mavro set bralette string monika 1 1638363946 241

    3. 9 1/2 Weeks (1986)

    Director: Adrian Lyne

    Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke and ... "9 1/2 Weeks"! The ultimate concept of striptease and by far the sexiest movie of the last decades. The two leading careerists in New York start a short but passionate relationship that tests their sexual limits.

    If you are a fan of erotic fetishes, we suggest something wild, such as a super sexy leopard body with suspenders!

    kormaki leopar proti 1638356004 127

    4. Nymphomaniac: Volumes I & II (2013)

    Director: Lars von Trier

    The Nymphomaniac provoked a variety of reactions and conflicting views, breaking all kinds of taboos. The film unfolds through the narrative of the life of 50-year-old nymphomaniac Joe!

    Get ready for a completely unconventional evening with a black sexy lace lingerie set with straps and sexy stripes on the chest!

    mavro bralette set leona telos 1625654464 767

    5. Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

    Director: Stanley Kubrick

    An New York couple and a love affair of the woman who sent her husband on a mysterious two-day trip, where fantasies, broken taboos, Venetian masks, sexual orgies created an explosive combination.

    It is not easy to confess your most hidden thoughts. Maybe with a black lace bodysuit string with a bodice in a cross design and some garters, you can make a good start!

    kormaki mavro dazzle me3 1638364264 598

    6. Secretary (2002)

    Director: Steven Shainberg

    Self-destructive Lee gets a job as a lawyer secretary. Soon a sadomasochistic relationship develops that goes beyond professional boundaries and upsets their daily lives.

    Have you ever imagined office games? In this case, we suggest a sexy black thong body and a cross detail on the chest through a white shirt and a black mini skirt!

    kormaki valeria 1638358618 8

    7. The Dreamers (2003)

    Director: Bernardo Bertolucci

    Using the events of May 68 as a narrative social background, three young people experience their own sexual revolution together, as the episodes rage in the streets.

    To make your own revolution in bed, we suggest passion red - sexy bralette set & g-string!

    set bralette soutien kilotaki fedra kokkino 1 1638360686 512

    8. The Duke Of Burgundy (2014)

    Director: Peter Strickland

    A love story between two women who, isolated in their villa, indulge in a sadomasochistic exchange of tenderness and vows of love.

    The film narrates an endless role play, so we get in the mood, suggesting a transparent black negligee with a peek a boo bra and a lace g-string.

    mavro peek a boo neglize proti 1638344639 607

    9.Πενήντα αποχρώσεις (Fifty Shades)

    Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson

    A student and a rich man get involved in a passionate love affair, during which the protagonist discovers more about her own desires as well as the dark secrets that Gray keeps hidden!

    If you want to expose your own dark sexual appetites, we recommend a black and red lace bustier with a transparent back, suspenders and a g-string!

    mavro bordo bousto me kilotaki proti 1638349504 722

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