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Beach Chic: How To Achieve It!

Beach Chic: Πώς να καταφέρεις το απόλυτο look παραλίας!

  • Although in the last few days the time here in Thessaloniki its cloudy and rainy, we can not defy the fact that in a few days we are welcomed in July hoping for a rise in temperature !

    Due to the fact that we like to look beautiful and shiny everywhere ... we have gathered and we recommend the must-have pieces that you will definitely need this summer to create a super look beach!

    1. The Swimsuit

    The wrong choices in your swimsuit will cost you on your overall picture. Thats why you need a swimsuit that flatters you and highlights the "strong" points of your body.

    2. Sunglasses

    In a previous article I have a brief guide on how to choose the right sunglasses according to your type of body.

    3. The Beachwear

    Beach sets will take off your look! Prefer airbrush with embroidery or more simply depending on your style.

    4. Towels, Bags, Slippers

    These are necessary accessories that with the right choice can give the last touch to your look.