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  • Ποιο είναι το κατάλληλο μαγιό κάθε σωματότυπου !!!

Choose the perfect swimsuit according to your body type!

Ποιο είναι το κατάλληλο μαγιό κάθε σωματότυπου !!!

  • A lot of you might be wondering ... what is the right suit for me? Bikini or whole body? With laces or straps; Black or with color; Taking a swimsuit is not an easy task ... 

    Do not worry about a thing! We have found a list of elegant and flattering choices that are ideal for you. Covering the needs of each and everyone womens body types.

    For Straight Body Type (Banana)
    Your body: Basically you know that you have a straight body type when all parts of your body have almost the same distance.

    What to wear: Triangle, halter, and string bikini set is best if you have this body shape. This type of swimsuit will create a curve illusion, making your appearance more sexy. Avoid wearing loose and not fitting swimsuits.

    For body shape triangle (pear)
    Your body: You have a body of triangular shape if you have wide hips and a small bust. This type of body is also known as pear shape because the lower part of your body tends to be much larger than the top.

    What to wear: The key to this is to balance or create a fairly large proportion between the upper and lower body. A bathing suit is ideal

    For inverted triangle body type 
    Your body: For most, your waist is undefined, your shoulder is round, your hips are small enough and you have weaker legs and arms. Most of your weight tends to appear in the upper part of the body. This type of body is also called an inverted triangle. This body shape is beautiful, especially when you put the right clothes.

    What to wear: Hot bikini! They will show off your feet and "hide" your hips.

    For Skinny Body Type
    Your body: The shape of your body is definitely "skinny" if your pelvis and shoulder are in relative alignment. Your arms and legs are thin, the chest and the buttocks are usually flat. But this does not make you less sexy, because you can wear almost anything.

    What to wear: Choose a lined swimsuit and many items like fringes and laces.

    For sports body type
    Your Body: This is probably the most flattering body shape of all. Most consider it to be the most sexual body type.

    What to wear: Although you can basically wear any kind of swimsuit, here are some ways to add some feminine sensation and create a little mystery for your summer look.

    For hourglass body type
    Your Body: You have to be the lucky girl! The upper and lower parts of your body are perfectly analogous. Your figure should be the most attractive, but many can go wrong when you do not choose the right clothes.

    What to wear: If you are tall, high waist bikini retro is the best choice for strengthening your waist. These classic pieces are enough to accentuate your sexy curves.

    For type of round body
    Your body: Your body is oval. The weight tends to accumulate in the stomach area while your buttocks are almost flat. Your feet are perhaps your best advantage !!!

    What to wear: Tankinis and whole body

    The hunt for this summers most beautiful swimsuit starts at the Lingerie Center !!! Swim into our site and discover it here !!!