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  • How to create an extra romantic night with your partner!

How to create an extra romantic night with your partner!

How to create an extra romantic night with your partner!

  • Whether you are starting now as a couple, or you are together for years, the truth is that romance is often lost quite quickly when a couple reaches a certain level of comfort between each other.

    Do not worry! There are a few tips that will help you find again the spark you once had, through a very romantic night. Its easier than you think.

    Tip: You do not even have to leave the house!

    Make an invitation to an evening at home

    If you are a couple spending a lot of time outside the house, just ask your partner if he would like to spend the night inside. It does not have to be boring. Take a bottle of wine or a new lingerie set and you will be surprised by the evolution of this evening.

    Some bubbles are always good

    Whether its a champagne to share in crystal glasses, or the bubbles in a bathtub, the romantic night is almost ready! Do not wait for the mood to come to knock you on the door, make it up!

    Explore with him a new spot in the house

    Instead of having dinner at the table (or on the sofa), why not make your own improvised picnic on the carpet? Enjoy wine, cheese, grapes and other foods you can easily eat on a large blanket. If it’s weather permitted, go out on the terrace or in the garden and the clean air will make the idea of ​​"come back to the warm house" more attractive!

    Cook something different together

    Do you like spending time in the kitchen, but you haven’t still tried to make something together? Start simply with a pizza. Its really fun and keeps the mood up! Do not forget that love comes from the stomach.

    Make the cocktail you both like

    If you like to go out for a drink, why not enjoy it in the comfort of your own home? Start with something simple. There are many simple recipes if you google it!

    Of course be sexy

    Spray your favourite fragrance and wear something tight on the top and loose at the bottom or vice versa. Something silky or a lace or something with some buttons. Do you want to go even further? Make a striptease!

    And finally, do not plan anything

    Your romance must be spontaneous and it has to come out from the heart!

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    Have fun!