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  • Πως να προστατέψετε τα μαλλιά σας από τον ήλιο και τη θάλασσα!

How to protect your hair in the summer?

Πως να προστατέψετε τα μαλλιά σας από τον ήλιο και τη θάλασσα!

  • How to protect your hair in the summer?

    Our hair is damaged in many different ways during the summer months by excessive exposure to harmful sun rays, sweat and moisture. While all of these are enough reasons to lead to a bad day of hair and cause long lasting damage, a little preventative care is that you need to keep your hair beautiful.

    Before you start making unnecessary purchases in oils, thermo protectors and masks, remember to check out some things first:
    1. Head type - oily, dry, dandruff, itch, combination or any other medical condition
    2. Hair type - straight, curly, wavy, painted, etc.

    Knowing that information about our hair, its time show them some love!

    Tip No1: Avoid intense dyes

    Prefer to dye your hair with herbal paints in more earthy tones and avoid chemical or even stain your hair a month before the heat gets hot! (Maybe it is the hardest thing ... I know you will not follow it but I have to say)

    Tip No2: The Conditioner

    While the sun dehydrates your hair, make sure you are helping to restore some moisture. Take a conditioner that suits your hair needs.

    Tip No3: The Shampoo

    Shampoos can dehydrate the scalp and your hair even more. Prefer to buy mild shampoos that are ideal for summers.

    Attention: Shampoo only on the scalp, not hair, and as you wash your hair, the foams will rinse and cleanse your hair. Putting the shampoo on your hair and hair will dehydrate it.

    Tip No4: Avoid heat

    The sun already helps to get too much heat into your hair, so avoid extra heat as long as you can. Avoid using a hair dryer, straightener and curler scissors and let them be more natural.

    Tip No5: Thermoprotective 

    If you have too much outdoor work and are in the sun often, choose hair products that have a high SPF on them. You can also use a hair mask or some sunscreen for hair.

    Tip No6: Drink plenty of fluids

    Suppose youve done all the above to protect your hair from the sun, if you do not drink enough water, you will not achieve anything. Your hair and your skin will benefit too much from a well hydrated body. Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet (weather helps) and if you do not like it in solid form you can make frozen smoothies. This is a basic hair care tip for the summer !!!