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  • Πώς να περάσεις τις πιο ζεστές χειμωνιάτικες στιγμές στο σπίτι με τους αγαπημένους σου!

How to spend the warmest winter moments at home with your loved ones!

Πώς να περάσεις τις πιο ζεστές χειμωνιάτικες στιγμές στο σπίτι με τους αγαπημένους σου!

  • Relaxing winter at home! Where does your mind go?

    You should not never be bored at home on a very cold day. Essentially it is the perfect place to spend the most warm moments with your loved ones and relax.

    All you have to do is use your imagination and make a day at home more enjoyable than ever!

    Start with a fantastic breakfast

    A little bacon, eggs or French toast for a tasty beginning of your day together.

    Share a luxurious bath

    The bathroom with candles, a drink and a little relaxing music is an excellent experience that will really revive both of you.

    What would you say about a DIY home face & body treatment?

    Take care of yourself with DIY treatment at home. Whether its a good manicure / pedicure, a mask or a relaxing body massage from your beloved one, it will make your day invigorating!

    You can also reveal the master chef that you are hiding inside.

    A simple and exciting activity during the winter is cooking. Prepare a fantastic dinner for your beloved one.

    Enjoy an afternoon tea or coffee

    Relax and enjoy your coffee in the comfort of your home next to the fireplace.

    And the best; Take a nap.

    When was the last time you took a nap during the day? Choose the most comfortable side of the house and of course your favorite pajamas.

    There are so many beautiful, warm and fluffy pajamas to choose from. See them here:


    Have a great winter time!