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  • Ιδέες για να κάνεις τα φετινά Χριστούγεννα περισσότερο “sexy” με το σύντροφό σου!

Ideas to make this Christmas super sexy with your partner!

Ιδέες για να κάνεις τα φετινά Χριστούγεννα περισσότερο “sexy” με το σύντροφό σου!

  • Christmas is a magical time in which we are willing to offer a smile to our life partner’s face. If the gift you bought for him does not seem enough to you, we know some special ways to add more to his wishes card!

    No matter what lies beneath the Christmas tree, if you are willing to wrap yourself with a red ribbon, everything can work better.

    Here are some ideas for the sexiest Christmas of your life!

    1. Wear something red and super sexy

    A study in 2008 found that men find women more attractive and more sexually desirable when wearing red.

    A sexy red dress is the best choice and when it slips, you better have the most festive red underwear of your collection ready to add a special flavour on New Years Day.

    2. Everything can happen when watching a Christmas movie

    Jump on the couch and watch a movie with him, tasting a creamy hot chocolate from his lips.

    If there is a fireplace, light it up and sit together on the carpet. Maybe this way you can spark your relationship’s passion too.

    3. Naughty and not nice

    Sex toys always work and mind games too. Hide the eyes from your loved one, to increase the sense of smell, taste and touch.

    Even if you do not have too much time for sex, some "insidious" precursor strategy with a quick oral sex in the bathroom will keep your Christmas mood high!

    4. Snow or just cold creates fantasies

    Most men find women sexier when they wear more layers of clothes, as they have to use their imagination to find out whats underneath.

    Wear some sexy lingerie or even no underwear, except a red hot négligé and lure him to "unwrap" his gift.

    5. Have a sexy Christmas playlist ready

    Even if you have an entire list, pick a specific song and make it the one to remember. While the song is playing, you can make him VERY happy. In the next few days, just remind him of the song when you do anything else together. See the effect it has on him; you will be surprised!

    6. Wrap yourself with a red ribbon

    And if you do not have so much inspiration, there are specially shaped underwear with bows that do not need any effort. You just wear them and you write the most sexy Christmas story.

    7. Secret sex (shhh)

    Tell the rest of the family that you need to get something out of the car and then "get dirty" in the back seat. Or wander together in a room (locked!) And do it as quietly as you can. This is where all the pleasure is hidden!

    8. Make a trip

    And if you cannot do this because of your family, find a hotel to spend together even one night. Privacy is twice as enjoyable.

    Merry Christmas and have fun! Xxx

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