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  • Matcha: To νέο detox superfood που έχει τρελάνει το internet!

Matcha: The superfood that broke the internet

Matcha: To νέο detox superfood που έχει τρελάνει το internet!

  • Matcha tea is a high-quality tea powder made from green tea leaves. It came from Japan, but because of its time-consuming and high-cost production, only Kings and Samurai used to drink it. Year after year, processes have been automated and are now available worldwide.

    Matcha offers plenty of benefits due to its ingredients that are rich in potassium, vitamins A and C, calcium, selenium and magnesium. It helps to improve metabolism, accelerate the burning of calories, reduce cholesterol, and protects cardiovascular health. In addition, its effective action contributes to the fight against various bacterial infections. While the high amount of chlorophyll helps in the immediate detoxification of the body.

    The matcha can now be used as an ingredient for ice creams, sweets as well as food.

    Balance is the key!

    The benefits of matcha tea may be many, but it does not cease to contain a caffeine quantity like all kinds of tea. This is why excessive drinking may be causing side effects. ATTENTION !!! It is not a substitute for medicines.

    How can i find it?

    Macha tea can be found mainly in shops with spicy fruit and spices, in organic and online stores. Sold by the kilo or in sachets. The kilos price comes at 167 euros while a 30g pack costs about 12-15 euros. Sachets are the most economical solution but they are usually mixed with other ingredients (eg lime).