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  • The right bra for every breast shape and style!

The right bra for every breast shape and style!

The right bra for every breast shape and style!

  • The right bra for every breast is a beautiful, necessary, useful piece, that completes every outfit and helps us look perfect with any top that we choose to wear!

    How do we find the right bra style for our breast shape?

    The world of lingerie is full of wonderful designs, lace, velvet or satin bras that are impossible not to love! The variety can be huge, but comfort is what should lead us to the ideal bra choice!

    We have gathered below some of the most common types of breasts and which bra suits each of them best.

    Round breast shape

    The breast that has a round shape above and below is considered the "ideal" breast. It is equally full up and down and the bra that suits it is a bra with underwire and wide straps that offer good support. The bras that leave the upper part a little uncovered are ideal for this type of breast!

    red bra lace σουτιεν κοκκινο

    Breasts with gap

    The breast that is characterized by a considerable distance between the two breasts is the so-called breast with a gap. The ideal bra for this shape has a band and tends to "push" the breasts towards the center with a little reinforcement, in order to align it.

    black bra μαυρο σουτιεν μπανελα

    Breast in the shape of a bell

    The bell-shaped breast is thinner at the top, while it is fuller down. A bell-shaped wired bra provides perfect support to the breast and makes it look rounder.

    bra dots σουτιεν πουα

    Breasts with conical shape

    The conical breast needs a soft-lined bra, such as a velvet bralette, which will make it look more round without pushing it in, while it offers some comfort.

    black velvet bra μαυρο βελουδινο σουτιεν

    Drop-shaped chest

    The drop-shaped breast is observed at a young age and is a relatively small breast. The bra that emphasizes the support of the lower part of the breast and at the same time has a low cut on the upper part is ideal! It provides support and "fills" the breast as needed.

    red satin bra κοκκινο σατεν σουτιεν

    Breast with nipples facing outwards

    The breast whose nipples look in opposite directions needs a very firm bra with a good underwire that will embrace the whole breast. A more "thick" fabric is ideal for absolute support.

    pink bra black lace ροζ σουτιεν δαντελα

    Small shape breasts

    The small shape breast can wear whatever it wants for comfort. If we need to make our small breasts look bigger, a bra with underwire can help make it look fuller and firmer.

    bra beige lace black σουτιεν μπεχ μαυρο

    Asymmetrical breasts

    An asymmetrical breast is a very common phenomenon in many women. When one breast is slightly larger than the other, the ideal bra is the one with the removable pad. We should anyway always look that the size of the bra fits the larger breast perfectly.

    bra purple floral σουτιεν floral μπλε μωβ  

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