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  • Singles ή ερωτευμένοι, φέτος στον Αγ. Βαλεντίνο όλοι θα γιορτάσουμε!

Single or in love: ideas to spend Valentine's Day exclusively

Singles ή ερωτευμένοι, φέτος στον Αγ. Βαλεντίνο όλοι θα γιορτάσουμε!

  • Single or in love: ideas to spend Valentines Day exclusively

    For lovers, Valentines Day is the right time to remember all the reasons why they love each other.

    However, if you find yourself alone on February 14th, the same day may be exciting for you as well.

    Here are 4 ideas to spend the day with your loved one the best way, and if you are single, we have 4 other ideas to have an awesome time!

    If you are single:

    • Organize a dinner with your girls, your favourite single girlfriends, where you will not just taste great flavours and drink the best wine, but you will stop feeling grumpy. Celebrate with yourself. Why not?

    Visit a merchant shop and take advantage of deals to thank yourself. Shopping therapy is the name of it and we all know it works!

    And if you want to reveal yourself your wildest side, but also to feel more attractive, trust the following:


    • Treat yourself to a spa. If you were looking for a "me-time" excuse, its time to enjoy a massage or a mani-pedi.

    And once you feel perfect with your external and internal appearance, try this to feel even better:


    • Share "Love" through volunteering. Visit a non profit organization with elderly people or kids & offer some of ypur time to those eho really need it!

     Lets go now to the lovers of the band ...

    For you, we have the following special ideas to get you off the Netflix couch:

    • A second first date. Go back to where everything started, recreating your first meeting. Same food, same songs and you may remember something from your first kiss.

    Have your "first" time with a little extra imagination, wearing something like this:


    He will fall in love with you again. 

    • A relaxing day in a spa also fits those in love. There is no more beautiful way to relax together. A massage will completely "ease" you.

      And after resting treatment is over, put your energy and try to wear something like that:

    • And finally, who said that hotels are for secret couples?

      Book a romantic hotel, wear a special outfit, book a table in the restaurant, and then enjoy a room service with champagne, as in the movies.

      Do not forget the necessities of the erotic night in a suite:


    Single or in love, go have an amazing day!

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