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Summer Make-Up

Το Σωστό Μακιγιάζ Για Την Παραλία!

  • Summer is here ... Hot sun, very hot and the only pleasure of dew on a blue beach.We admit it all we are obsessed with the sunny skin, the red cheeks and the beauty that gives us the glow of the sun! give you tips for the perfect "beach look".

    There are some easy tips to make your makeup waterproof and lightweight.

    Tips: Number 1

    Use a sunblock (or bb cream) depending on the color of your skin. It will naturally give you a smooth and lustrous skin, while protecting your skin from the suns rays.

    Tips: Number 2

    As for the eyes, the waterproof mascara is all we need. A layer of waterproof mascara in brown color will accentuate your look. We really want to emphasize the look slightly, so we apply minimal to the roots of the eyelashes and not to the edges.

    Tips: Number 3

    A moisturizing lip gloss is your ally. Choose a lip gloss with a protection indicator in juicy shades that will protect your lips and give them the shine they need. Colors such as pink and coral are ideal as they contrast with tanned face.

    Tips: Number 4

    A bronzer that spreads on the face to points like the cheekbones, the front near the roots of the hair, the chin and the neck.

    Thats it girls, you need nothing more for a make up look on the beach. Everything else is too much and does not match.