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  • Οι καλύτερες στάσεις στο SEX για να αναδείξετε το σώμα σας!

The best SEX positions to show off your body!

Οι καλύτερες στάσεις στο SEX για να αναδείξετε το σώμα σας!

  • "Boyish" body

    If you belong to the category of a body with a strong, sporty shape and large shoulders, there is a way to show off your curves.

    Wear a sexy push up bra and a more revealing little shirt that show off your nipples.

    Best sex position for you: You have the power you need to show your strong nature. A difficult position you can achieve is handstand: wrap your legs around his waist and hold.



    "Pear" body

    You may be thin up, but you have terribly sexy hips!

    You definitely need a push up bra and underneath a loose but stylish silk shorts. Your flat belly and sexy hips are the perfect combo.

    Best sex position for you: the "spoon" position works well for this type of body. You both lie on the same side and do the penetration into this position. His hands are free to deal with your clitoris and of course have a wonderful view, your boobs.

    Try to lift your thigh and put it over his hip for an alternative angle and a different feeling.


    "Hourglass" body

    You are a classic Merlin Monroe with a narrow waist, big chest and hips.

    The corsets are made for you. They were discovered to make the other bodies look like yours.

    Best sex position for you: Any position elevating you from the waist will make you feel and look even more sexy.

    Do you consider the reverse "cowgirl"? He lies normally, you climb over him, looking at the opposite side while he admires your extraordinary silhouette.



    The body "upside down triangle"

    Big chest and wide shoulders, narrow hips.

    You do not just have the advantage of big breasts, but probably fine line legs. Go topless and make the difference with garter straps and high heels.

    Best sex position for you: try a "lap-dance" position. Sit in a chair without hands, climb on him, your feet must touch the floor and move them up and down. Your chest in this position is just below his nose.



    The "apple" body

    Perhaps your belly is not flattering, but your wonderful long legs are good for you.

    Wear anything you find in A line. Otherwise, steal his shirt, leaving a button open.

    Best sex position for you: The "back entry" positions are the most flattering. Kneel away from him, bend your weight on your elbows and lift your hips toward you. Not only gives him a visual delight in this angle, but makes your waist look tiny and your feet thin and stretched.

    If you choose the classic missionary, stretch your hands back and grab the bed. It makes your chest and belly seem smaller.



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