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  • Αυτοί είναι οι top χριστουγεννιάτικοι προορισμοί για να ταξιδέψεις φέτος με το ζευγάρι σου!

These are the top Christmas destinations for traveling couples this year!

Αυτοί είναι οι top χριστουγεννιάτικοι προορισμοί για να ταξιδέψεις φέτος με το ζευγάρι σου!

  • Idyllic architecture and sweet winter aromas that bring back the memories of a childhood love.

    Christmas trips abroad with your partner in crime!

    Choose one of the following destinations and book your tickets!


    On the New Year’s Eve , the bell of the Cathedral of St. Stephen starts ringing its enigmatic sound exactly at midnight, where you can hear the first notes of beautiful Blue Danube Waltz playing. This is the best waltz you can dance with your partner!

    For the most elegant Christmas city you need:



    Magic Christmas in the capital of Ireland with a more freezing weather and a little more ... beer. You will drink to warm up at one of the popular pubs and whatever comes out!

    See what you can hide under your many layers of clothes:



    Christmas in the thermal baths? Why not; Imagine it snowing and you can enjoy together the warm waters ... Nothing better!

    After the hottest bathing in the bitter cold, put on something like this:



    The city of the first public Christmas tree, which was built in the square of the town hall in 1441. Want to visit this place with your first love! Right?

    Give something romantic to this occasion:



    A genuine Christmas fairy-tale with the love of your life. This picturesque medieval town welcomes its guests with the lebkuchen, the famous local gingerbread. Choose it and everything will be like a honey-moon!

    Create your "sweetest" version, wearing something like this:



    The most charming old town, registered in UNESCO, the picturesque town of Alsace is a fantastic destination. Its time to try out the rich seasonal specialties with your favourite person and cheer up the atmosphere with songs and sparkling skating rinks.

    But to warm the climate even further, we suggest:


    Have fun! xxx

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