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  • Tips για το πιο θηλυκό make-up!

Tips for the most feminine makeup!

Tips για το πιο θηλυκό make-up!

  • See the steps below for the absolute romantic make-up look:

    The first step is to refresh your skin. A cleansing mask, a serum and cream moisturizing facial mask. Masks are extremely easy to use!

    Once you remove the mask, let your face breathe for a few minutes before placing the foundation. To keep light, avoid great overlap and contour. Choose a light bronze for contouring on forehead, cheekbones and chin.

    Then its time to use the most feminine beauty cosmetic out there - blush! Apply gently to the apples on the cheeks with a thick brush and smile in your mirror to understand the perfect fit. With a slight movement, wipe out the excessive redness.

    Any the last touches? Mascara (at least 2 coats for the fluffiest lashes), red or pink lipsticks and little, but significant glow!


    And because we know you believe that this day you need the ideal makeup in combination with the perfect underwear, we have some suggestions:

    If the style that you adore is natural and more sweet, a pink lipstick and a little eyeliner, is what you need. Combine it with something romantic, like this:


    If you are a brunette and you like to show off your wild side, try a dark brown lipstick and a golden shade. Take your look to another level with this:


    Well, red lipstick lovers, this is your day. You don’t need anything except a passion-colored underwear:


    You may look simple and chic in your everyday life, but it does not mean anything. We suggest that you keep your style with a simple rose-colored lipstick and wear whatever makes you feel yourself:

    To give tension to your expressive eyes, take some ideas from the picture below. You do not need a bright lipstick, but you need something to match your sexy look:


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