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  • Οι top ελληνικοί προορισμοί για το Πάσχα!

Top Greek destinations for Easter!

Οι top ελληνικοί προορισμοί για το Πάσχα!

  • Plastiras Lake


    For peace, contact with nature and tradition, Lake Plastiras is the ideal place. Romantic walks, hiking, horse riding and canoeing on the lake, and of course local delicacies. In most of its villages, such as Neochori and Mesenikolas, after the Holy Light, young men set fire to the "obscene", the model of Judah, and sing "Christ Is Risen".

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    The island of Phaeacians is a destination for those who definitely do not seek peace, as the great celebration of Orthodoxy is absolutely a thing there. In the historic city centre, Corfu people throw large clay pots from their balconies, shouting "Christ Is Risen". At the same time, dozens of music bands on the island can be heard throughout the city. In Corfu the Epitaph takes place on Saturday morning. During the procession, the remains of the patron saint of Corfu, Agios Spyridon, are also transported to the city.

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    Sporades Islands

    Easter in the Northern Sporades is really amazing. In Skiathos, the ritual of the Mount Athos is observed, while the Epitaph is celebrated at dawn on Saturday. In the green Skopelos, there are special customs, spring nature and traditional flavours to try, as is the case of Alonissos too.

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    Nature and the unique view give the opportunity to participate in various naturalistic activities such as hiking as the landscapes, such as Drakolimni and Vikos Gorge, are truly gorgeous and blooming.

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    24 villages are waiting for you to experience some unique moments. Here you will enjoy the magnificence of nature. Waterfalls, ancient trees, stone-built churches, picturesque narrow streets, taverns with traditional cuisine, cafeterias with coffee in the cave. The most traditional Easter you have imagined!

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