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  • Τι λένε τα εσώρουχα για την προσωπικότητα μιας γυναίκας;

What does lingerie say about a woman's personality?

Τι λένε τα εσώρουχα για την προσωπικότητα μιας γυναίκας;

  • Have you ever wondered if the type of underwear you are wearing is related to the type of person you are?

    Has anyone ever gotten the idea that a conservatively dressed girl is wearing super sexy lingerie under her clothes?Do you know something? It can be true!

    Sexy black lacy body

    The smart businesswoman wears a black lacy body under her heavy suit that makes her feel very strong.

    The corset

    This is one way of saying that we cannot judge a book by its cover. The woman who chooses a corset under her clothes feels like she can conquer the world!

    Hot red lingerie

    The red underwear is said to be worn by women who are sexually confident and know their own charm. The red symbolizes power, passion and energy.

    Black mysterious underwear

    Black is a favorite for both men and women as it is sexually appealing and mysterious. It represents maturity, its practical and simple, while it shouts "sexy".

    White virgin lingerie

    White denotes innocence and purity. Men love white lingerie in women because they are sensual and sexy, but look completely innocent.

    Bodysuits, Socks & Garters

    They evoke the sensual charm of the 1950s and are reminiscent of Hollywood stars, when women were extremely feminine, with curves and at the same time strong and super sexy.