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  • Τι πραγματικά σκέφτονται οι άντρες για το τι φοράς στο κρεβάτι!

What men really think about what you wear in bed!

Τι πραγματικά σκέφτονται οι άντρες για το τι φοράς στο κρεβάτι!

  • There is literally nothing out there that relates to sleep and does not look sexy for women.

    Some things are sexier than others, but if we put them on a scale, they begin with "Im comfortable with it" and end up with "Im hot like the sun."

    These are some common choices and what mean for men:

    Mens shirt

    A classic go-to. I would say that this is the easiest way to wear something sexy in bed. It cannot go wrong, as long as it is as relaxed as your mood.

    Black underwear

    This is obviously super sexy. The problem with the underwear is as follows: the sexier the underwear is; the less time you will actually spend wearing them.

    Pyjama Set

    It can usually say "We do not have sex tonight," but some men consider them super sexy and sweet.

    Pyjamas with shorts

    The slightly sexiest cousins of normal pyjamas. They suggest: "Sleep is a priority, but if you play a naughty game, I can change my mind."


    First impression: super sexy. Second impression: puzzle. How much more difficult can you make sex be? Oh, no more than that.


    This somehow manages to be more revealing than anything, making it easy to remove. Maybe it does not even need to be taken off.

    Robe kimono

    This is the classiest of them all. It means: "Im sexy, but Im comfortable and I have a good taste."


    That cannot go wrong in any way. Never. Its the best choice. Always.


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